Rejuvenating body and soul in the natural thermal waters of Val d’Orcia

Wellness and Harmony: Val d’Orcia’s Thermal baths for body and soul rejuvenation

Val d’Orcia, a place of historical, culinary, scenic, and thermal beauty, is a true paradise for those seeking the utmost in relaxation and well-being. This land offers an extraordinary concentration of sulfuric waters, a legacy of the ancient volcanoes that once were active in these lands but have since become dormant.

One of the most captivating places to immerse oneself in these waters is Bagni di San Filippo, where natural thermal springs are nestled among the woods and accessible via short hiking trails. Here, you can enjoy a unique thermal experience, surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature. The thermal water, known for its benefits to the skin and muscles, allows you to harmonize with both nature and yourself.

Just a few kilometers from Bagni di San Filippo lies Bagno Vignoni, the ideal destination for a more structured and comfortable thermal experience, already known and frequented in Etruscan times. Bagno Vignoni offers a variety of modern and well-equipped thermal centers, where you can enjoy specialized treatments to relax both body and mind. This ancient medieval village is famous for its 16th-century thermal pool located right in the main square, where the waters gush at 49°C.

Immersing yourself in these steaming waters immediately yields benefits for the body, from their anti-inflammatory properties to their muscle-relaxing effects and improved blood circulation. Furthermore, Val d’Orcia is an area of great scenic beauty, and the tranquil atmosphere of the thermal baths blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Its thermal waters, whether the natural ones among the woods of Bagni di San Filippo or the thermal centers of Bagno Vignoni, offer an unforgettable rejuvenating experience.

Val d’Orcia is the ideal place to regenerate body and soul!

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