From the garlic to the Chianina: in Valdichiana everything is “giant”.

The Valdichiana Aretina is a fertile and vigorous territory, capable of giving wonderful fruits to the peoples who have lived here. The Etruscans modeled the territory, making this area their “breadbasket” and all the peoples who have succeeded here have benefited from its wealth: livestock, wheat, fruit and vegetables in the cultivated fields, tobacco, silkworms and much other.

The Valdichiana Aretina is closely connected to the famous Chianina. A unique animal in the world, agricultural engine of the Valdichiana, used by farmers to work the land. Let’s talk about the Chianina, the breed of calves with a white coat, one of the largest in the world native to the Valdichiana. The use of its meats is varied: hamburgers, meat sauce, steaks and much more. The Florentine steak is a particular cut of meat. The Florentine steak is a cut.

And many others are products of excellence: from the garlic from the Valdichiana, to the Porchetta Di Monte San Savino, known throughout the world for its goodness, to the Tuscan DOP ham, to the Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil “Colline Di Arezzo”, to the Pecorino Toscano Dop, to the many bakery products made with selected flours and then the excellent wines such as Syrah Di Cortona, Cortona Doc and Chianti Docg.

Known throughout Italy is the porchetta of Monte San Savino: a tasty, tasty food with a crunchy and at the same time crumbly crust. Just one local porchetta sandwich is worth a trip! Valdichiana is a real granary and then delicious products such as bread, pizza, focaccia, sandwiches, etc. thanks to the goodness and genuineness of local flours. Traveling in Valdichiana is an experience for lovers of gourmet food and the quality of raw materials. Valdichiana Aretina awaits you at the table!

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